About Us


Who Is Dynasty? 


Dynasty International Inc. was founded in 1985 with the goal of offering our customers a complete inter-modal transportation system.


The vast global exposure of our overseas offices has enabled Dynasty to become one of the largest consolidators and handlers of cargo in the trans-pacific market. Working together, the whole organization benefits from greater leverage in negotiating transportation space and freight rates. Ultimately this allows Dynasty to give our customers top quality service without inflated prices.


International transportation is an industry of many components but it is the people who control the overall efficiency. We at Dynasty realize this and consider our highly trained staff to be our greatest resource. It is Dynasty's employees who are armed with an electronic link to all of our overseas offices as well as the steamship lines and terminals in order to provide our customers with the most accurate and up to date information on routings and shipment status.


In addition, we provide our customers with a full tracking system allowing them to be actively involved in the full process from the date of placing a purchase order with their vendor to the arrival of the goods at their door. With automated emails that are sent to our customers notifying of arrival changes and the enhanced capability to handle EDI functions allowing information to be electronically passed between Dynasty and our customers, we feel that we have left no stone unturned.


At Dynasty, we strive to manage all of your shipping needs.  We are confident you will appreciate the difference and the results.